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Mariah Carey Unearths A Vivid Memory That She Has Never Spoken About It

Mariah Carey Unearths A Vivid Memory That She Has Never Spoken About It

Recently, there is a trend where celebrities are sharing their past or present life troubles. One of these successful artists is Mariah Carey.

Carey, who has written a book about her own life and shared the unknowns about her childhood, said that writing this book felt like therapy to her.

According to Carey, whose parents divorced at an early age, she also had a problematic relationship with her siblings.

Here’s what she said:

“When I was 12 years old, my sister drugged me with valium, offered me a pinky nail full of cocaine, inflicted me with third-degree burns and tried to sell me out to a pimp.”

Carey also mentioned that she felt neglected by her mother when growing up and now she doesn’t call her as mom but by her name Patricia.

She shared a memoir with her mother which she revealed for the first time. One day, when she was exhausted because of all the things going on in her life, Carey, went to her mom to feel comfortable. However, her mother, after some comforting, called 911, the police came and took her to a facility.

Here’s what she said:

“And rather than say, ‘You know what, we’re OK, I am here, taking care of my daughter, she’s tired, somebody called the cops by mistake, whatever,’ it was like, ‘No, because you defied me, this is what is going to happen. “

She added:

The backseat of the police car, it’s a vivid memory I will never forget. I have never spoken about it. But at that moment, that seemed like a better alternative than where I was.”

Now, Mariah Carey has a family of her own. She lives with her 2 kids and tries to make her kids’ lives amazing.

Mariah Carey’s memoir ‘The Meaning of Mariah Carey,’ will be released on September 29.

You can watch the video down below.


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