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Mark Ruffalo Urges Fans To Save Democracy By Targeting Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Ruffalo Urges Fans To Save Democracy By Targeting Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg

America, which has gone through many incidents since American president Trump took over the country, is preparing for the upcoming elections. It was revealed by a scandal in 2018 how much social media has had an impact on the opinions of the voters, since then trust in Facebook has decreased considerably. One of the names that lost his trust was the successful actor Mark Ruffalo. The other day, he urged his followers not to believe in Facebook’s fake conspiracy theories and lies and to save democracy via his official Instagram account.

In the US Presidential Elections in 2016, it was revealed that the personal data of 50 million users on Facebook were taken without permission and the data was used in favor of Donald Trump. After this scandal that emerged two years after the election that resulted in Donald Trump’s victory in November 2016, the public started to react to the 33-year-old Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and other users started campaigns to shut down their Facebook profiles. As a result of this incident, Mark Zuckerberg gave testimony in both the US Congress and the European Union Parliament.

Facebook’s unfair stance revealed that Mark Zuckerberg overlooked the publication of all ads on social media, regardless of whether they contain false content. Although they say that they made new decisions in the 2020 elections after this big mistake, the majority do not trust Zuckerberg’s measures and urges everyone not to believe in these conspiracy theory ads.

Actor Mark Ruffalo shared a striking post on this important issue the other day. Pointing out that mail-in voting is very safe and has been done before, the actor mentioned the false Facebook news in 2016 in the continuation of his post and said that they helped distort the election results.

Moreover, he expressed that he sees Facebook as the biggest propaganda machine. Later, the actor complained that Mark Zuckerberg did not learn from the mistake he made in the 2016 elections and that he still allows political advertising in an uncontrolled way. Ruffalo urged his followers to share the facts and thus try to get free and fair election and establish democracy.

The 2020 US presidential elections are scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Although Facebook claims that this year it will limit its political advertising and that all political ads will be banned one week before the elections, it is not known how much it will interfere with these false posts that provide an unfair competition environment.

Here’s what he stated on his Instagram post:

“In 2016, Facebook spreading of lies, hate and conspiracy theories helped distort the election results. Four years on, it is still the biggest propaganda machine in history. Mark Zuckerberg still refuses to fact check political ads before they are targeted to you.

Today, please repost this and get your friends to. Whatever your political affiliation, let’s spread the truth, let’s have a free and fair election, and let’s try and save democracy.”

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