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Matthew McConaughey Makes Remarkable Statements About How Long He Was Away From Hollywood

Matthew McConaughey Makes Remarkable Statements About How Long He Was Away From Hollywood

Famous actor Matthew McConaughey, while talking about the new memoir, Greenlights, in a show he recently participated in, explained how his career changed completely and how he changed the perception of himself which is very rare in Hollywood because labels stick on people.

When Hollywood actors begin to play a certain style, roles of the same genre continue to come and even if the person is a good actor, they cannot prove themselves.

Matthew McConaughey was one of these actors, he was the indispensable face of romantic-comedy stories, but he was not able to prove his acting with such films.

For this reason, Matthew McConaughey did not accept any roles for as long as 20 months, he even turned down a $ 14.5 million offer for a romantic-comedy role, and he was forgotten but then he was back stronger than ever.

The term “McConaissance” describes the great era in which he transformed himself from the 90’s shirtless pretty-faced romantic-comedy actor into a more serious and talented actor by taking part in high profiled films. As a result, he returned to the Hollywood winners table winning an Oscar and his career took off again.

Here’s what McConaughey stated:

“What happened was I was the rom-com guy, I was the shirtless guy on the beach. That was fine.Yes, I said it then and I’ll say it now, those rom-coms I was in were paying for the house on the beach where I was shirtless. Guilty.

I did notice that that’s all I was in the public eye and that’s all I was to studio financiers in Hollywood. Other roles I wanted to do, dramatic roles, they were not being offered. They were not an option for me.”

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