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Meek Mill Claims James Harden Doesn’t Know What The ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Mask Meant

Meek Mill Claims James Harden Doesn’t Know What The ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Mask Meant

Philadelphia rapper and die-hard Sixers fan, Meek Mill, defends Houston Rockets sharp-shooter James Harden after wearing a mask, which symbolizing support for police forces.

Harden recently arrived at NBA Bubble in Orlando, Florida. When he came to Florida, it was released a picture of the all-star guard by the team of Rocket’s official Twitter page. The NBA star was wearing a mask, and this mask was designed to support the police force. It is also popularly known as the ‘Blue Lives Matter.’ James Harden was so criticized for this reason by the black community.

However, rapper Meek hopped to the Twitter page to show his support for the basketball player, and he claimed that Harden doesn’t know what this mask meant. He wrote:

“Y’all know damn well Jh don’t know what that mask meant because I don’t! He donates millions in real life to our people! End of story.”

A few days ago, Atlanta rapper Young Thug also shared a tweet defending his close friend James Harden. Thug also said that Harden accidentally wore the mask. He said:

“Just so you know, James Harden is my bread. Btw he doesn’t have internet, so he obviously doesn’t know what’s right or wrong if he posted something that’s against the US…but I hate when rappers get in n***as biz like it can’t happen to em buster let n***as clear they shit up an activist.”

Check out the Twitter post below.

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