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Meek Mill Says People Had To Be ‘Rebels’ After Breonna Taylor Decision

Meek Mill Says People Had To Be ‘Rebels’ After Breonna Taylor Decision

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill jumped to Instagram to show his reaction to Breonna Taylor’s case decision of the court and criticized the decision with really harsh words.

Breonna Taylor protests sparked again across the country. The court accused one of the three police officers held responsible for Taylor’s death of endangering the people around him. However, the other two police officers did not face any charges.

After the announcement, protesters took to the streets in Louisville, and at least two police officers were shot. A curfew has been declared. There have also been demonstrations in New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, and smaller cities across the country.

Most of the famous names reacted to Breonna Taylor’s decision and raise their voice to demand justice. One of them is Meek Mill. The 33-year-old rapper said that people had to be rebels by claiming that the government doesn’t care Black’s lives.

Here’s what he said:

“We had to be rebels knowing our country never valued us!!!”

He also shared a photo that slams this decision. The following sentence was written on the photo that ‘Breonna, I’m so sorry. so sorry that your neighbors’ walls received justice before you did.’

See the Instagram post below.

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