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Megan Fox Opens Up On How Negative Comments Affected Her Acting Career

Megan Fox Opens Up On How Negative Comments Affected Her Acting Career

When we say Megan Fox, we think of Transformers and Jennifer’s Body movies. However, the beautiful actress is quite uncomfortable that she is described as a sex symbol. Throughout her career, she has been described by critics and audiences as both a bad actress and a sexual symbol. For this reason, Fox, who had entered a tremendous psychological depression, moved away from the film industry.

Also, she positively had put her back in headlines when she began a relationship with rapper Machine Gun Kelly right after her breakup with ex-wife Brian Austin Green.

During a recent interview with ‘Refinery29,’ the 34-year-old actress opened up on how negative comments affected her acting career. When asked her that do you have any regret, she responded to this question as follows:

“Why did I let myself get shit on for something I knew wasn’t true? Why did I succumb to that? When you tell someone that they’re not good at something or that they’re deficient, they can absorb that, and it can become their reality, and create a life that reflects that negative shit that you spoke about them!

We have to be careful with our words — they’re powerful. That’s something I wish most people would understand. We live in a culture where it’s a game to be the most hateful to get the most attention. It’s not funny. You’re speaking words over real people, who are permeable, who have hearts.”

She added:

“Your negativity can influence them. Especially the sensitive ones! I’ll call myself one of them. We’re the ones who are influenced by your negativity because we’re so open. I’m not closed off. Those things affect me really deeply.”

She also gave advice to young women entering the industry. She said:

“It’s so tricky because I question what is the industry anymore? Everybody with an Instagram page is a celebrity. Back during the Transformers craze, there were only a handful of actors. Hollywood was small.

Now, you go to a GQ Man of the Year party, and there’s thousands of people there, I don’t even know who they are — they’re all influencers or have some kind of Instagram following, so now they’re famous. My advice, which is not great advice because it goes against what everyone else will tell you, is: you have to be removed to a certain degree.”

She continued:

“You cannot be on social media all the time, checking your likes and your comments. You have to trust in what you’re doing, and in your purpose, and move forward. You cannot be scrolling and go, Oh, people don’t like this, or, They don’t like this hair color, and then mold yourself to fit what a small group of people who have ever-changing opinions think about you. Don’t let that shit guide you. That’s not a north star. That’s the devil.”

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