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Megan Thee Stallion Responds To The Claims That She Bullied Her Ex-Boyfriend

Megan Thee Stallion Responds To The Claims That She Bullied Her Ex-Boyfriend

Houston-origin rapper Megan Thee Stallion responded to the speculations that she physically abused her ex-boyfriend, Karim York, by making a new statement on Instagram Live.

This comes in response to York’s announcement that popped up on the internet. York claims that without mentioning Megan’s name, a woman beat her and held her at gunpoint. He also claims that she used drugs during the incident. Even though he didn’t name Megan, the note at the end of the statement led people to believe this was about Megan. Click here to read the statement of York via OnSite!

After these allegations, Megan tweeted and said:

“Why y’all like to lie when I got all facts all the time.”

See the Twitter post below.

Also, Megan held an Instagram Live session, where she played a recorded conversation between herself and York. During the call, York claims that the story has nothing to do with Megan and is about another woman he was seeing.

Here’s what Megan Thee Stallion said:

“I feel like I have to have a press conference every godddamn wee. I just saw some bullshit talking about, and I know who it is. They antagonize me everyday online. They pick with me every goddamn day. They always making up stories about me, and now I feel like I have to really start doing something about it.”

Megan continued:

Stop lying on me. That n***a not talking about me. Stop putting n***as on me. Stop making stories up. Fuck y’all because I’m going to hit you with the facts every time you tell a lie.”

Watch the Instagram Live of Megan Thee Stallion via Youtube below, and click here for the source of the statement.

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