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Michael Jordan Makes A Hilarious Joke During Kobe Bryant Memorial Speech

Michael Jordan Makes A Hilarious Joke During Kobe Bryant Memorial Speech

Greatest of all time basketball player Michael Jordan made a hilarious joke during his emotional tribute to Los Angeles icon Kobe Bryant.

On Monday, an emotional memorial service was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles to pay tribute to Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant.

As we all know, Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna killed in a helicopter accident along with 9 people near California.

Today, Bryant’s family, friends, and fans mourned Kobe and Gianna in public memorial service, including his wife Vanessa Bryant, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, NBA stars and others.

One of those who came to commemorate Kobe is the legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan. He paid his tribute and honored Kobe with an emotional and heartwarming speech.

While Jordan was making his speech in tears, he stopped and joked that his crying would soon be turned into another ‘Crying Jordan’ meme. His genius and perfect jokes made the crowd laugh.

Here’s what Michael Jordan said:

“I’m grateful to Vanessa and the Bryant family for the opportunity to speak today,” Jordan began his speech, with tears streaming down his face. I’m grateful to be here to honor Gigi and celebrate the gift that Kobe gave us all…

What he accomplished on the basketball court, as a businessman, as a father, in the game of basketball, in life, as a parent, Kobe left nothing in the tank he left it all on the floor.

Maybe it surprised people that Kobe and I were very close friends… Kobe was my dear friend. He was like a little brother, everyone always wanted to talk about the comparisons between he and I. I just wanted to talk about Kobe… all of us have brothers and sisters. He used to call me, text me… Talking about post-up moves, footwork.”

He continued:

“He was someone who was looking and trying to improve each and every day, not just in sports, but as a parent, as a husband, I am inspired by what he’s done and what he shared with Vanessa and what he shared with his kids.

He wanted to be the best basketball player that he could be and as I got to know him, I wanted to be the best big brother that I could be. I got to know that he was trying to be a better person a better basketball player. We talked about business, we talked about prayer, we talked about everything… he was just trying to be a better person.”

He stopped and joked:

“Now I’m going to have to look at another crying meme. I told my wife I wouldn’t do this because I didn’t wanna see that for the next three or four years, but that’s what Kobe does to you.

He knows how to get to you in a way that affects you personally. Even though he could be a pain in the ass but he always, you had this sense of love for him in the way that he could bring out the best in you and he did that for me.”

You can watch the video below via Instagram.

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