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Michelle Trachtenberg Becomes Furious After A Follower Makes An Improper Comment

Michelle Trachtenberg Becomes Furious After A Follower Makes An Improper Comment

Actress Michelle Trachtenberg best known for her characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Gossip Girl, took Instagram to share a photo of herself, however, she really got annoyed after a follower made a ridiculous comment about the difference between being alive and living.

On Tuesday, the 35-year-old actress took Instagram to share a photo of herself in which she looked glamorous and gorgeous. Under this beautiful photo, as Thanksgiving approaches, the actress expressed her gratitude for her career, mother and sister after she got thirty, and did not forget the people who will no longer be able to celebrate this holiday with their families due to the pandemic.

Regardless, Trachtenberg still hopes that people will find something they can be grateful for and stated that in this wild year perhaps the most important thing was to be alive.

Here’s what she wrote:

“I’m so very grateful for my 30+ year career, my mom, my sister. As we get ready for Thanksgiving, and most can’t be with their family or friends due to the global pandemic. My hope is, that you can still find something to be grateful for. And perhaps: it’s just being alive during these wild times. ❤️💋”

Unfortunately, when a follower wrote under these meaningful and emotional words of Michelle Trachtenberg saying that living is very different from being alive, the actress became very angry and stated that she could not be polite anymore.

Telling the commenter to shut up and leave, the actress made a reminder that while people are losing their lives and loved ones, this is very unfounded and that living is not just about going to cafes and going out, and the important thing is to have a heartbeat and be grateful for it.

Here’s what she commented:

“I’m not even going to be nice here. Shut up and Fuck off. Threaten me with an “unfollow”, oh I’m sooooo devastated. What’s living to you? You can’t go out with your buddies and have a crazy night?! How sad for you. People are losing their loved ones.

Families can’t hug a child who just died from Covid. Cry a fucking river about how you’re not living. Because the definition. Of LIVING is having a heart beat. Millions of people don’t have the luxury of saying that anymore. If you were making a joke. It wasn’t funny.”

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