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Michelle Trachtenberg Call Out ‘Covidiots’ To Stop Their Unacceptable Actions

Michelle Trachtenberg Call Out ‘Covidiots’ To Stop Their Unacceptable Actions

Actress Michelle Trachtenberg made a bold statement about those who break the quarantine rule on her official Instagram account and called out them to stop their unacceptable actions.

It has been a year since COVID-19 appeared in Wuhan, China, and people are still experiencing both health and economic problems. Although the vaccine for COVID-19 has been developed, there are still workers on the front lines, especially healthcare professionals, and others need to be more understanding about it.

Michelle Trachtenberg posted on Instagram on Sunday to call attention to this issue and addressed the people she described as ‘covidiots.’ The 35-year-old actress called out to these people to stop their secret parties and unacceptable behavior and urged them to stay home. She also showed her gratitude to the people working in the front line.

Here’s what Michelle captioned:

“Remember when….oh well to the hell. There are horrific situations happening, I am very grateful for the front of line fight workers. WEAR THE MASK. Oh and stop throwing secret parties evil covidiots. #stayhome #throwback”

Out of 619 K followers, several thousand took to the comment section and supported the actress’s thoughts. Some said they should wear masks to respect healthcare professionals, while others reminded them of the quarantine rules.

One of her followers commented:

“People who refuse to wear masks should be forced to help bury the people their arrogance is killing. A few hours knee deep in a mass grave will change their minds.”

Another wrote:

I’m so angry at people who don’t wear masks and keep having parties. It’s so selfish!”

See the Instagram post below.

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