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Mick Jagger Reveals Rolling Stone’ Tour Details After Heart Surgery

Mick Jagger Reveals Rolling Stone’ Tour Details After Heart Surgery

During a recent interview with Rolling, ‘Rolling Stone’ frontman Mick Jagger has shared his thoughts about Rolling Stone’s tour details for the first time after his heart surgery. He said:

“I’m feeling pretty good. Been rehearsing a lot lately in the last few weeks … This morning [I did] a bit of gym. Nothing crazy. Then I go into rehearsal with the rest of the band.”

He has revealed he tried to surprises fans with the rest of the band. Jagger said:

 “We’re trying to pick some ones we haven’t done in recent years, stuff we haven’t done before. Most of the time people don’t want too much unusual. People like a little bit unusual. They don’t want 100 percent unusual.” Jagger added that “Memory Motel” is one of the rarities the band rehearsed a few days ago.”

Mick Jagger also continued:

“The favorite ones people like to hear are, you know, ‘Paint it Black, ‘Honky Tonk [Women]’ and ‘Satisfaction’ and things like that. We don’t always necessarily do all of them.

We sometimes drop one or two, but there’s maybe ten favorites. I don’t know how people would feel if you didn’t do any of them. I think people would say, ‘Oh, that’s a bit unfortunate, I came to hear this. We usually have a [fan] vote song. We usually throw a couple different things in. There might be a few.

 I don’t do it all the time, [like] 12 months a year. When you’re young, that’s what you do. [Today I] spend three or four months on the road in a year and that seems to be quite a good balance.”

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