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Migos’ Offset Reveals Why He Thinks The Rap Music Only For Black People

Migos’ Offset Reveals Why He Thinks The Rap Music Only For Black People

Migos hip-hop artist, Offset posted a recent tweet on his verified Twitter page, and he has shared why he thinks the only black people only can make rap music.

Offset said that people who do not have a black culture shouldn’t rap music. He stated clearly his opinions with an open tweet.

Here’s what Offset wrote:

“Sorry but hip hop is black culture don’t speak or give game if u don’t have black culture duh.”

A lot of fans reacted to him for his thoughts about who should make rap music.

A Twitter user named Daniyal_raza7 commented and said this:

“Hip hop is an art form, it isn’t subjective to a single race.”

Another user named brizzywes wrote this:

“Eminem raps better than u and he’s white. A surprisingly big portion of your audience is probably white. Lots of labels that give rappers a voice are run by executives of all kinds of cultural backgrounds. Stop trynna segregate.”

A fan named _melaade also wrote this:

“The replies under this post are hilarious. It’s honestly confusing how many white people are confused that hip hop is inherently black culture. No doubt it’ll be a space largely occupied by whites in a couple decades like rock, jazz, etc.”

After these reactions from the Twitter users, Offset posted another tweet and he said those respondents did not know the history of hip-hop.

He wrote:

“Don’t make rules on what goes in hip hop when u don’t know the history it’s pain music story music we the biggest genre in the world off our struggle and hustle yessir proud of my people that’s all of u mad than sorry but no sorry took a lot for us to get here but we here!!!!”

Check out the tweets below.

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