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Mike Posner Premiere New Music Video For “Prince Akeem”

Mike Posner Premiere New Music Video For “Prince Akeem”

American singer-songwriter, Mike Posner has shared his new official music video for “Prince Akeem”.                 

The track taken from his latest solo album “Prince Akeem”. Also Wiz Khalifa has accompanied to him in the song. Watch the video below.

Mike has made a classy statement about his new song via certified Instagram page, and he said:

“Hello Colorado 🙏🏻🌳🌼✨🦁 I spent a few hours this morning reflecting on how grateful I was for everybody that helped me across Kansas. When I first cross the border into Kansas, I was really struggling. My body was shutting down and my mind wasn’t far behind it. So I wanted to go in word and be alone, I had to get in touch with why I was on this walk in the first place.

I was here to connect with people, listen to their stories and hopefully help them experience transcendence. The people who showed up to walk with me, spiritually carried me the 400+ miles across the state. So when I cross the border into Colorado, as promised, I will release a new song. This song will be dedicated to everyone who walked with me across Kansas. I’m talking about Chris and his daughter who taught me the state motto, Ad astra, per a Spera: Through hardship, to the stars. I’m talking about Chad.

I’m talking about Ryan. I’m talking about Antonio. I’m talking about Kelly. I’m talking about the whole city of Emporia. I’m talking about Jordan and his entire family. I’m talking about Garrett who came from Oklahoma to walk. I’m talking about Tony came from Kansas City to walk. I’m talking about Isaac and summer came from Texas to walk. I’m talking about Nicholas. I’m talking about Justin and Nicholas who came twice. I’m talking about Brandon who came countless days and provided supplies.

I’m talking about Angie and Travis who gave us ice. Mason who came on his way from Florida and has more figured out then he realizes. I’m talking about Chris who showed up three or four days in a row at 5 AM to do the silent three hour walking meditation with me and do the shooting stars. I’m talking about my love, one of my best friends in the world flew out to support his brother.

I’m talking about Devon and his family. I’m talking about the countless babies and families I met in great Bend. I’m talking about Carlos. I’m talking about Mario. If I didn’t mention your name, don’t underestimate the impact you had on me. Every time someone shows up to walk with me I am instantly energized. THANK YOU. This song is dedicated to you. KEEP GOING.”

Here’s the video:

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