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Mike Posner Reveals A Major Update On His Massive America Tour

Mike Posner Reveals A Major Update On His Massive America Tour

When singer Mike Posner decided to travel to the United States, he had a tough fight this year: 2,942 miles journey. After the death of his father and good friend Swedish DJ Avicii, he was inspired to start this success in America.

A few weeks ago, singer-songwriter Mike Posner was bitten by a rattlesnake while he was walking across America. He has informed the fans about his health because he could not walk.

After a huge surgery, he kept his hope alive and he wouldn’t give up to walking. ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’ singer also stated that he could walk without help and no more excuses were needed. He said:

“I spend too much time gorging myself on the sympathy and attention of others. This practice is fickle and only leads to disappointment in the future. I noticed there is a part of me that actually wants to stay hurt so I can keep getting attention and keep getting spoiled by everyone.

Fuck that. It’s time boss up. It’s time start walking again outside. No more baby time. NOTHING great was ever accomplished by pandering for sympathy and playing the victim. KEEP GOING.”

A few weeks later, the successful singer recovered and he dedicated to walking again his major America tour. Posner shared a video with a statement about the stable tour. He stated:

“This walk continues tomorrow, after having a minor setback due to the rattle snake, it’s time to pack up my bags, tie my shoes, revive my spirit and head back to the open road. So many amazing states, & cities I have crossed but i can’t wait to cross so many more state lines! Drop me a comment if I crossed your state. KEEP GOING.”

In his other post:

“I will walk Across America no matter what.

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