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Mike Tyson Shares A Touching Statement About A Sad Cancer Diagnosis

Mike Tyson Shares A Touching Statement About A Sad Cancer Diagnosis

The legendary boxer Mike Tyson shared a new photo on his Instagram page to show his new pose with Criss Angel and revealed a really inspiring story of how Criss is fighting against cancer for his son.

If you look at the Instagram post, Mike posed with Criss Angel and his cancer-diagnosed son with an honest statement in the caption area. Here’s what he wrote:

“Last night I took my family to see my friend @crissangel #mindfreaklive The magic was off the hook but Criss sharing his personal story about his son that has leukemia and was in remission but now he’s fighting cancer again was inspiring.

Criss has made it his life mission to help fight children’s cancer and he’s inspired me to do more. I’m truly humbled by his passion and dedication to his cause.

Please donate today. Anything helps. If a million of my followers donated one dollar to that’s one million dollars for children that need help to fight cancer. Let’s make a change and please donate your spare change. Thank you.”

Criss Angel responded in the comment section by writing:

“Mike, Thx so much for the support. It was great seeing you, your beautiful family and good friends. It’s an honor to call you a friend for so many years.”

Check out the Instagram post below.

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