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Miley Cyrus Conveys Her Appreciation To Fans In Spirit For Making Her Latest Album ‘Plastic Hearts’ A Success

Miley Cyrus Conveys Her Appreciation To Fans In Spirit For Making Her Latest Album ‘Plastic Hearts’ A Success

American singer and songwriter Miley Cyrus, who has been among the stars of pop music but switched to rock music, showed how successful she can be in the rock genre with her latest album ‘Plastic Hearts‘ and celebrated her success on her Instagram account.

Last year, the 28-year-old singer took a new step in her career by taking a risk and changing her style of music in a very different direction, and this risk paid off by staying at the top of the music charts for five weeks proving her talent as a singer.

On Tuesday, Miley Cyrus updated her Instagram account to share her success with her fans and posted a rock’n roll photo of herself on a car with one leg in the air sticking her tongue out.

In the caption, the singer wrote that although it was hard to be happy in these hard times with so much sadness surrounding all of us, she couldn’t overlook the support being shown to ‘Plastic Hearts.’

Miley Cyrus thanked everyone who listened to the album and did not withhold their support and stated that it was indescribable happiness to make her dream come true.

Lastly, the singer said that when the whole circus was over, she was eagerly waiting to meet with her fans and missed them very much, and also stated that even though she could not come together with them, she conveyed her appreciation in spirit.

Here’s the caption:

“5 weeks #1 on the rock charts w/ #PlasticHearts 💗💕 Seems like a hard time to be “happy” with so much sadness surrounding all of us but the support being shown to this record can’t be overlooked.

My upmost gratitude to everyone listening and relating to this album. My love for you shoots to the moon (collects some of its magic energy) and back down to each and every person making my dream a reality.

Although we can’t be together right now I hope you can feel my appreciation in spirit. I am constantly thinking about the time we can reunite & mosh again. I miss you so fucking much. Ready for this circus to come to an end. 🤡”

Check out the post below.

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