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Miley Cyrus Gets Approved By Everyone While Trying To Recreate A Video Of Justin Bieber

Miley Cyrus Gets Approved By Everyone While Trying To Recreate A Video Of Justin Bieber

Singer Miley Cyrus, who switched from pop to rock music, updated her Instagram account to show everyone that she can do the dance moves in Justine Bieber’s video that he shared on Christmas Eve.

Justin Bieber is a very talented name in choreographic dance and once again proved this to everyone in his video of dancing with two dancers on Christmas Eve. Under that post, Miley Cyrus announced that she would start learning the choreography.

On Friday, Miley Cyrus immediately started learning the dance moves because she wanted to share her new skills with her followers. She posted a REELS video in which she danced alone in her home but didn’t quite achieve the moves as successfully as Justin.

In the caption, Cyrus accepted that it didn’t turn out the same as Justin’s video, but at least she tried and she revealed that she couldn’t understand how Justin moves his arms and legs doing different moves at the same time.

Here’s the caption:

“Jesus is my homeboy & @JustinBieber is my swag coach. #NotTheSame #ITried #HowAreYourArmsAndLegsDoinDifferentShitAtTheSameTime”

Although Miley Cyrus was not sure how her dance moves turned out, the first confirmation came from Justin Bieber’s beloved wife Hailey Bieber and she expressed her appreciation. Many followers of the singer also liked the post and wrote comments under the video.

Hailey Bieber wrote:


One of her fans wrote for this video:

“Giving me Hannah Montana vibes 😭”

Another fan commented:

“Dance battle please and thanks”

You can watch her video right below.

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