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Miley Cyrus Warns Her Sister Noah By Saying ‘Don’t Get Near As Drunk As I Did’ On Her 21st Birthday

Miley Cyrus Warns Her Sister Noah By Saying ‘Don’t Get Near As Drunk As I Did’ On Her 21st Birthday

Miley Cyrus, who has been among the stars of pop music until today, switched her genre to rock music and showed how successful she can be in both of them, celebrated her little sister Noah’s 21st birthday with the cutest throwback photos on her Instagram account.

The sister of Miley Cyrus and also a well-known singer, Noah Cyrus turned 21 and her sister celebrated this special day in the most susceptible way.

Noah Cyrus like her sister is a very talented person in music and she received her first nomination for the Grammys for Best New Artist which will be held in January.

On Friday, Miley Cyrus took Instagram to share a lovely throwback photo of herself with Noah when she was born. As the bigger sister, Miley carried her in her arms smiling at the camera.

In her birthday note, Miley wrote happy birthday to Noah, calling her an icon, and said she loved her baby sister very much. She remembered the day Noah was born and couldn’t believe how things changed since then as Noah became the one taking care of her sister.

Furthermore, Miley also mentioned when she lost her beloved dog, Mary Jane, because of cancer, Noah lift her up to get through that hard experience. She thanked her sister for leading her to make the hard but right decisions every time and assured her that she will be there for her in every step of her life.

In the end, Miley Cyrus also gave a little advice to Noah not to get near as drunk as she did because one time she missed her own party.

Here’s the caption:

“Happy birthday to an icon living @noahcyrus ☠️ I love you baby sister turned big sister. The day you were born I never knew that one day the roles would be reversed and you would be the one taking care of me.

You were such a rockstar thru the experience of losing Mary Jane. I couldn`t have gotten here without you. You lead me to make the hard but right decisions.

You’ll have many more of those choices in your own life & I am here for you every step of the way. Love you always. Happy 21st.

Don’t get near as drunk as I did 💕 I practically missed my own party cause I spent the night over the 🚽 🤮 💚 “

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