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Milla Jovovich Reacts To Daughter Ever Gabo’s IG Post Where She Raises A Voice Against Femicide

Milla Jovovich Reacts To Daughter Ever Gabo’s IG Post Where She Raises A Voice Against Femicide

Actress Milla Jovovich proud of her eldest daughter Ever Gabo Andersen after noticing her Instagram post where her baby raises a voice against femicide in Turkey.

The 27-year-old student Pınar Gültekin was killed by her boyfriend in Turkey, the Turkish women have started a new social media awareness called ‘challenged accepted’ and they share their black and white photos of themselves to raise their voice against femicide.

Following this incident, American celebrities took their social media to show some support to Turkish women in this way. Ever Gabo posted her black and white photo and made a lengthy statement to show her support for women in Turkey.

Here’s what she wrote:

“‘Challenge Accepted.’ I am so thankful to my amazing friend ‘Vees Back’ for nominating me and because of this, I would like to highlight the history of this challenge which my family shared with me.

This challenge started in Turkey to bring awareness to the Turkish Femicide that’s been going on mostly under the radar. Just in 2019 alone, 500 women have been murdered in gender-based violence and we have no real number as to how many women are murdered there every year.

Pinar Gultekin was one of the most recent victims. She was violently murdered by her former partner. She was 27 years old. Turkeys’ legal system, by not giving these murderers their deserved sentence, normalizes and legitimizes this violence against women. When groups of women tried to protest Gultekins murder, they faced police brutality. Sound familiar? This is happening to protesters all over America now by our own government.”

Following her post, Milla Jovovich is a proud mother. Resident Evil actress jumped to IG to share her thoughts about her daughter’s action. She wrote:

“So proud of my baby. So smart. So brave. So talented. Such a trailblazer. My baby Black Widow and my little Wendy Darling in the new ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’ movie shooting next year for Disney Studios. Read her post below to see what an amazing kid she is.”

Check out the Instagram post below.

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