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Milla Jovovich Reveals Secret Photos From Her Pregnancy Days

Milla Jovovich Reveals Secret Photos From Her Pregnancy Days

The famous actress of Resident Evil series, Milla Jovovich, has shared a bunch of new photos on her official Instagram page and showed never-before-seen photos from her pregnancy days.

As she spread great words to her beloved family, she also shared the feeling of having three beautiful kids. You might remember that Milla Jovovich had a new baby named Osian last week.

Milla had her first baby in 2007 with her beloved husband, Paul Anderson.

Here is what she wrote:

“From 2007 to 2020, it’s amazing to watch our little family grow. I’ve been looking through old pics of our two other births and thought it was interesting to see Paul and me then and now and also see our babies side by side on the day they were born.

I learned a lot from my first delivery till now, mainly to touch up my make up right beforehand so I look presentable for pictures!😂The first baby pic is Ever, then Dash and Osian is the last pic.

They all look so much alike. Osian is definitely the most substantial with that round, full moon face!

#evergaboanderson #dashielanderson #osianlarkelliot”

Hadar Pitchon made the most-liked comment on the post:

“Congratulations to you and your beautiful family.”

You can see the heart-melting post of Milla below.

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