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Missy Elliot Says ‘I Love Seeing People Recreate My Videos’ As She Reacts To One Of Her Fan Videos

Missy Elliot Says ‘I Love Seeing People Recreate My Videos’ As She Reacts To One Of Her Fan Videos

Famous rapper and composer Missy Elliott showed her support for the recreated videos coming from her fans on her Instagram account.

One of the first female artists to achieve success in the rap music world, Elliott is also one of the first female artists to influence the spread of this music genre to a wide audience, also bringing a new breath to R&B music since the 2000s.

On Sunday, the five-time Grammy Award-winning rapper shared a video of one of her fans recreating the video of the song ‘Work It,’ which was from Elliott’s fourth studio album ‘Under Construction,’ released in 2002 and it is the most successful single of Elliot to date.

As can be seen in the video down below, the girl in the video created a low budget version of the music video with brooms and a dog. She dressed almost similar to the original video and Elliott loved it.

Missy Elliott expressed her thoughts saying that she loves to see people recreating her videos with creativity and a low budget. She also found the brooms that were used instead of people in the video very funny and couldn’t believe how many of them she got from the Home Depot.

Here’s the caption:

“Oh @jadorejanayy you SNAPPED recreating “Work It” video!

I love seeing people recreate my videos it just shows how Creative your mind is without having to have a budget… So Fye🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 oh big up the dog big debut🤣😂🤣 and dang how many brooms you got from Home Depot 😳🤣😂 “

One of her followers wrote:

“This is absolutely fantastic!!! Love the part with the dog😂😂😂😂”

Another follower wrote:

“Wow that’s talent!!!🔥🔥”

Check out the post below.

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