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Missy Elliott Announces New Stunning Project

Missy Elliott Announces New Stunning Project

On Twitter, legendary female hip-hop star Missy Elliot has revealed her upcoming big project. She penned about process of working. Elliot wrote:

“Thank God I just finished a big project today & it has been a very intense no sleep 5 weeks working on this since last year. I been sick on and off from weather change and this pollen has been kicking my ass but it will be all worth it! Im EXCITED”

Her another tweet was excited. Missy Elliot said:

“My mood ErDAY!! “ Keep On Movin” Next Levelness”

A few months ago Missy shared encourage words on herself.

“If someone say that you won’t ever make it or what u doing won’t work don’t let that stop you. Allow that to be your fuel (KEEP GOING) sometimes you gotta BE YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER or HYPEMAN! Let them people doubting you get left.”

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