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Missy Elliott Reacts To An Unexpected Comment Comparing Lil Nas X To Herself

Missy Elliott Reacts To An Unexpected Comment Comparing Lil Nas X To Herself

One of the most innovative and extraordinary rappers of recent times, Lil Nas X released his new single named ‘Holiday’ on November 12 and announced the release of the music video on his social media account.

‘Holiday’ was watched by more than 12 million in three days and the video clip with the technology at the forefront was very popular. Following the success of X, fashion photographer and event producer Jay posted a rave tweet about Lil Nas X on his Twitter account.

In his tweet, He described Lil Nas X as of today’s Missy Elliott. He said that X was very creative and innovative and expressed his desire to work with him one day.

Here’s what Jay wrote:

“@LilNasX is today’s @MissyElliott! So innovative and creative! I would love them to do a song and video together. That would be straight fire. #collabo”

However, Missy Elliott did not think like him and did not find the comparison with Lil Nas X right. She said that Lil Nas X is today’s Lil Nas X and he has a lot of talent for her.

Here’s what she commented:

“@LilNasX is today’s @LilNasX He is very talented & @MissyElliott is today’s @MissyElliott”

Lil Nas X also made a call to everyone, telling them to stop comparing artists to each other. The 21-year-old rapper said that Missy’s videos are still creative, and she’s literally watching her works for inspiration recently.

Here’s what Lil Nas X said:

“Let’s stop calling artists today’s version of other artists. missy’s videos are still creative asf to this day. literally been watching her stuff for inspiration lately.”

Check out the Twitter posts below.

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