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Missy Elliott Reveals The Unknown Back Story For The Song She Wrote For Ginuwine

Missy Elliott Reveals The Unknown Back Story For The Song She Wrote For Ginuwine

Famous rapper and composer Missy Elliott explained the meaning of writing the song ‘I’II Do Anything / I’m Sorry‘, which she wrote for singer Ginuwine’s album, and the back story of the lyrics on her Twitter account after a fan’s question.

One of the first female artists to achieve success in the rap music world, Elliott is one of the first female artists to influence the spread of this music genre to a wide audience, also bringing a new breath to R&B music after teaming up with Timbaland.

The five-time Grammy Award-winning rapper did not only work for her own songs but also wrote hits for many famous names such as Ariana Grande.

On Sunday, Elliott shared the details of one of her songs when a follower asked her on her Twitter account wondering the background story of Ginuwine’s song ‘I’II Do Anything / I’m Sorry’ on his album.

Missy Elliott recited the back story for the song she wrote for Ginuwine by explaining that when Ginuwine asked Missy Elliott to write a song for him, hitmaker Elliott thought about writing something about feelings of men as she wanted to tell that men could be hurt and suffer in relationships too. In this song, Elliott’s intention was to write a song showing that emotions don’t make you a weak person. It just shows that you are a human and you have feelings.

While her followers enjoyed these details that the artist gave, they asked Elliott to share the backstories of her other hit tracks.

Here’s the tweet:

“G asked me to write a song 4 him & the 1st thing came to mind is write something that shows guys emotions & men feel hurt & pain in breakups & I wanted to write something that was ok to show that doesn’t make him weak. G singing in his high voice.”

Check out the tweet below.

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