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Missy Elliott Takes Fans On A Time Travel Tour As She Shares An Anecdote From The 2000s

Missy Elliott Takes Fans On A Time Travel Tour As She Shares An Anecdote From The 2000s

Famous rapper and composer Missy Elliott demonstrated with examples from 2000s how easy the new generation artists can prepare music records with the current advanced technology on her Twitter account.

One of the first female artists to achieve success in the rap music world, Elliott is one of the first female artists to influence the spread of this music genre to a wide audience, also bringing a new breath to R&B music since 2000s.

On Sunday, the five-time Grammy Award-winning rapper shared the details of her analog recordings once upon a time before the digital world expanded the opportunities to record music.

Experienced rapper Missy Elliott showed the photos of oversized tapes that were called Reels which she described as fun but a headache because it requires detailed work. She also stated that 20 years ago the music world was very different, but now making recordings have become a piece of cake.

Here are the tweets of Missy Elliott:

“Once upon a Time before the digital world we recorded everything on ANALOG & this picture below is how we recorded our tracks/vocals on these huge OVERSIZED TAPES that we called Reels. it was fun but a headache so these are my songs from 2000 on these reels.

This what the tape look like that we recorded our music & vocals on & that paper was the work sheet to let you know what sounds was on each track…Recording now is a walk in the park but back then 20 yrs ago was a different world.”

While her followers enjoyed these details that the artist gave, some of them also said that they find analog much better than the digital.

One of her followers named Tejai Moore wrote:

“I love analog sound!! Nothing like it. Digital sound is def almost ‘too clean’ sometimes. Gotta dirty it up for the 99 and the 2000 lol “

Another follower named Noah Crockett wrote:

“Would you say that music has a different sound now? Like old music sounds different now with new technology than you remember when it first came out.”

Check out the tweets below.

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