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Mustard Reveals The Music Producers Who Inspire Him

Mustard Reveals The Music Producers Who Inspire Him

In a recent interview with Variety, Californian music producer Mustard talked about Nipsey Hussle, Ella Mai, and His ‘Perfect 10’ Album.

The reporter asked him what kind of relationship he had with Nipsey Hussle. He said:

“We did that song, “Perfect Ten,” a month-and-a-half before he died. That was the last song me and him did together. We had a big-bro thing going. We always talked about family, the kids.  He was taking about what he had coming up – he thought he had all the time in the world, for music and everything else that he wanted to do. We had a really good relationship.”

LA producer has revealed his favorite music producer and which music producers inspire him. He stated:

“Dr. Dre and Lil Jon.  Think about all the songs Lil Jon did — those songs are classic. He was heavy into Bay Area sounds. Ying-Yang Twins and “Get Low” alone makes him a genius. Same thig with “California Love” and Dre.”

Mustard also explained why he dropped the “DJ” from your stage name. He said:

“That’s more about me just being a boss (laughs). No disrespect to DJs, as I am a DJ for life, but I do so many things now. I’m not just spinning, anymore, I think we can all agree.”

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