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Nas Reveals What He Thinks About Failure Of His ‘Nasir’ Album With Kanye West

Nas Reveals What He Thinks About Failure Of His ‘Nasir’ Album With Kanye West

In a recent interview with ‘The Breakfast Club,’ Grammy-nominated rapper Nas explained why his Nasir album with Kanye West fell short of expectations.

Nas came back with his thirteenth solo studio album, King’s Disease, which was released on August 21, 2020, through Mass Appeal Records. It succeeds Nas’ album Nasir, released two years prior in 2018.

Nasir is Nas’ twelfth studio album. It was released on June 15, 2018, with Mass Appeal Records and Def Jam Records. He has collaborated with many famous rappers, including Kanye West. However, delays and high expectations decreased the value of the album and did not meet the expectations.

The 46-year-old rapper sheds light on why the collaboration with Kanye West did not meet fans’ expectations. He said he didn’t know exactly what went wrong and wanted to work with West more.

Here’s what Nas stated:

“I don’t know what went wrong. I did want to work more with [Kanye]. We spent time, and I was working on ideas. He would give me a few loops, and I would write to them, but they weren’t finished.

He was working on a lot. He had [Kid Cudi], he had Teyana Taylor, he had his album, and I was the only one coming in starting fresh. So, I had less time with him. We really did that album the week it was supposed to come out.”

On the other hand, in another interview with ‘Apple Music,’ Nas detailed on his work with Kanye and NASIR. He said:

“This man is cranking out all of these albums, and they’re going to come out every Friday. And so he had to mix albums, finish albums. So I kind of had to wait till the last week before the album dropped to really have him in the room to really have him to be there to get these records done.

And so, I have never been to Wyoming. You know what I’m saying? I thank him for bringing me out there and to see a different part of America and to be around that energy with all the producers and artists.

But I also had my room to the side so if I wanted to work with them longer, because we only got, honestly, we hung around, we went over ideas, but it really, really got down to the wire, no pun, like at the last week, in the last week.”

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