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Nathalie Emmanuel Shares Her Sadness After The Devastating Death Of Paulette Wilson

Nathalie Emmanuel Shares Her Sadness After The Devastating Death Of Paulette Wilson

Nathalie Emmanuel, who is known for her role as Missandei in the Game of Thrones series, has posted a recent post on her official Instagram and shared her feelings after the unexpected death of Paulette Wilson, who is a Windrush campaigner. 

On Thursday, Paulette Wilson’s daughter, Natalie Barnes, made an unexpected statement about her mother and saddened everyone who loves her mother. In the statement, she announced the timeless death of her mother at 64 years old. According to the statement of her daughter, she found her mother early on Thursday, and she appeared to have died in her sleep. 

Today, Nathalie Emmanuel took to Instagram after heard the unexpected death of Paulette Wilson and paid her respect to the legendary with an emotional tribute. On the other hand, she mentioned a little bit about the history of her.

Here’s what Nathalie wrote to her:

Rest in Power Sister. Paulette Wilson has unexpectedly passed away at age 64.

After coming to the UK as a child from Jamaica in 1968 as a part of what came to be known as the Windrush Generation, who were invited to the UK to help rebuild the country after WW2 and promised citizenship. After being stripped of her rights by the Home Office, she was wrongfully detained and threatened with deportation. Only when her daughter broke her story to the media was she released… She then campaigned for justice for herself and others who were affected by the government’s “hostile environment” policies. A month ago, she was among those who handed in a petition with 130,000 signatures demanding justice for those affected by the #WindrushScandal. The despicable treatment she suffered at the hands of the UK government had taken a toll on her health people close to her said. Patrick Vernon said of her death, “It’s a complete shock… she died a broken woman….. The impact of the hostile environment on her mental health… people, underestimate the impact of the hostile environment, which is based on fear and intimidation”.

She always had the right to be here… and the racist UK government terrorized her to an early grave… She deserved better… Thank you, Sister, for fighting for justice.”

You can see the Instagram post of her right below.

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