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Nav Hints At Possible New Album On Instagram

Nav Hints At Possible New Album On Instagram

Today, rapper Nav shared an exciting Instagram photo on his official Instagram page, and ‘maybe’ that photo hints at the possible upcoming album.

He shared a photo of himself with the following caption. He wrote:

“Thinkin about my next move..”

See the Instagram post below.

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Thinkin about my next move..

A post shared by Nav (@nav) on

A few months ago, in a recent interview with Variety, 29 years-old rapper Nav has revealed what his parents think about his rap career. He stated:

“They’re just happy I’m not doing the shit I was doing before. I’m the black sheep in my family; I’m the least educated. All my cousins are pharmacists and lawyers. I had the least hope. Everyone’s looking at me like, “what’s he gonna do?” My mama gave me time and said, “If you’re sure, then do your thing.” I wanted to go to audio engineering school; they paid for it. They were always doubtful until now.”

Click here for the source of the statement.

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