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Nav Reveals How He Meet With Gunna

Nav Reveals How He Meet With Gunna

During a recent interview with Variety, rapper Nav has shared his thoughts about the relationship with rapper Gunna.

Nav thinks the relationship between he and Gunna is pretty organic. He said:

“Our relationship is pretty organic. When I first came out to L.A. ever, Interscope flew me out for two days, got me a hotel. The first person I ever got close with was Rex Kudo, the producer. Through Rex, I met Wheezy who produces for YSL, Freebandz, everybody.”

He also explained they met during the studio that made ‘Off White VLONE’ song. Nav said:

“One day, Wheezy came to the studio with Bari, who mixed “VLONE,” and played me Gunna’s song “Invest” from “Drip or Drown.” I’m like, “Who the hell is Gunna?” …

Then I go to Australia for tour with Abel. The whole time, I was listening to Gunna. Afterparty rooms, I’m putting everybody on. I put my boy Bucks on, I put my DJ on. I come back home and had a show with Uzi in Philly. Went to Uzi’s hotel room, Gunna was sitting right there. He had his little YSL chain. I told him, “I f*ck with your shit,” and he was kind of surprised. Now he has his confidence, he’s big time now. Back then, he was really quiet.

He’d pull up to the studio literally by himself. Now he’s got three, four people rolling with him. I always pull up by myself everywhere. I only take security if it’s a show or a club.”

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