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Nav Reveals What He Really Thinks About Drake

Nav Reveals What He Really Thinks About Drake

During a recent interview with Variety, rapper Nav has shared his thoughts about Drake‘s success.

He said:

“It’s crazy; he really kicked down the door for us. He started everything. There’s always gonna be appreciation for what he’s done for us. It made shit feel like it’s possible. When Abel came through, he made me feel even more possible. He’s an underdog too. An Ethiopian kid from Toronto making drugged-out music like it was new. Luckily, Toronto is very hip to shit. Kids are very cultured and cool and they like new sounds.”

Nav also revealed what he hopes about his legacy. He said:

“I want to be the first brown boy to get it poppin’. [Laughs.] I just want people to appreciate how much I actually did. People don’t see it, I don’t talk about it. I don’t brag about it. I want people to see how much I really love music and what went into it. It might take a video of me in the studio showing my process one day, but we’ll just baby step it [to] keep everybody interested and guessing what’s next.”

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