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Nick Cannon Says He Does ‘Respect Eminem’s Ability’ Amid The Debate Between Them

Nick Cannon Says He Does ‘Respect Eminem’s Ability’ Amid The Debate Between Them

Television host and actor, Nick Cannon, seems to want to end their beef with Detroit-based rapper Eminem and praises Em by saying he respects his rapping ability.

The fight between the two has never ended since Eminem wrote the sarcastic remarks about Nick Cannon and his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, in the song, Lord Above. But Nick Cannon seems to have decided to end this fight.

Nick Cannon recently became a guest of Fat Joe and talked about his fight with Eminem. Cannon seemed determined to end this fight, saying he respected Eminem for what he did.

Here’s what Nick Cannon stated:

“One day, hopefully, dude, and I will get an opportunity to sit down, ’cause like I said, I do respect his ability.”

Fat Joe took up to arrange a meeting after Nick’s words.

Cannon also continued:

“If you can do it, man. I have been trying to get. I done talked to Royce, we trying to really get it popping, ’cause I think at the end two men need to really have that conversation.”

Last year, Nick Cannon challenged Eminem for a rap battle and hit back Em’s diss with really harsh words. He said:

“We should change his name from Eminem to Percocet. What’s the pill old people use? We should change it to we are going to call him Cialis. Get out your wheelchair Eminem and pop whatever you want to pop.”

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