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Nick Jonas Reveals What He Intended While Making His ‘Spaceman’ Album

Nick Jonas Reveals What He Intended While Making His ‘Spaceman’ Album

Singer and songwriter Nick Jonas announced his new album Spaceman has been arrived on his Instagram page and revealed what he intended while making the album.

Spaceman is the fourth studio album of Nick Jonas and was dropped on March 12. The album marks the first solo release of the singer since Last Year Was Complicated and the first solo project to be released since the reunion of the Jonas Brothers in 2019.

Nick Jonas made a recent photo dumping on Instagram and shared some important moments in his life last year. He mentioned that he was affected by the events he experienced while making this album.

The 28-year-old singer stated that he released Spaceman to introduce his fans to the world and those he encountered along the way. He said that for the rest of that album, the fans will discover distance, indulgence, euphoria, and commitment.

Here’s what Nick Jonas said:

“#Spaceman the album has landed and I am so excited for you all to hear it. Writing this album was a way to process everything that was happening in the world, the distance between us, and what matters most.

I released #Spaceman first to introduce you to the world and what I encountered along the way. #ThisIsHeaven landed second to show the contrast of emotions found in Distance and Euphoria & how reconnecting with the ones you love can give you purpose.

And now… the rest of the album is yours to explore – Distance, Indulgence, Euphoria, & Commitment. I hope you take the time to experience the album in full from start to finish and that you find solace while joining Spaceman on the greatest adventure of all… Love.”

See the Instagram post below.

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