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NLE Choppa Reveals Why He Decided To Become A Rapper

NLE Choppa Reveals Why He Decided To Become A Rapper

In a recent interview with Uproxx, Memphis-based rapper NLE Choppa has shared his thoughts about his success in the rap industry.

As we all know, his “Shotta Flow” song has taken its place among the popular music as long as short.

When the interviewer asked why he preferred rap music, he replied:

“I always wanted to be a rapper. I don’t know why. I just liked it. I wanted to be a basketball player, too, but rapping just like, it was independent. It was something of my own. If you mess up”

He continued:

“It’s you. You can’t blame anybody but yourself for a mess up with music. But, sports or something, you can blame somebody else.”

“Camelot” rapper also talked about what made him start to take music seriously. He said:

“When I realized that the buzz I was getting was gaining so I had to take it seriously from there. Once the record labels started hitting me, I really took it seriously then. When my first song dropped it went viral. It was called “No Love Anthem.” So I started taking it real serious after that.”

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