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Obie Trice Reveals Why He ‘Biased’ About The Beef Between Eminem And Machine Gun Kelly

Obie Trice Reveals Why He ‘Biased’ About The Beef Between Eminem And Machine Gun Kelly

Rapper and songwriter Obie Trice III formed his own record label, Black Market Entertainment, after leaving Shady Records. He does not use a stage name like most rappers, instead of using his birth name on stage.

During a recent interview with HipHopDX, the 41-year-old rapper has shared his thoughts about the beef between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly. He said:

“You know I’m going to always go with Eminem — period, point-blank. I will say that Machine Gun Kelly was probably the best record that I heard that ever dissed Eminem. He’s been in a lot of diss records with other people. I think that was probably the best one that came out.”

He also continued about why he was biased. He stated that he always with Eminem.

“But as far as a controversial thing, definitely Marshall [Mathers]. I gotta go with the home front forever. You know, that’s forever. So, I’m a little biased. You might want to be asking somebody else that, but you know, it is what it is. It’s forever Shady for me.

The whole thing was so long ago, man, I haven’t even been in that zone. I don’t even remember everything that was going on that time, what he did and how he did it. I’m really just focusing on my record and focusing on my boat right now to get this shit going.”

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After all, during a recent episode with The Everyday Struggle, Machine Gun Kelly has shared his thoughts about whole Eminem thing and he was looking for a way of peace. He said:

“The internet thing trying to muddy it, that was a little annoying because it was kinda like, we can’t be a generation that rides only because a person’s a legend and strictly goes off that factor. When we do something for our generation, step up and acknowledge what happened, hold it down. That was not something I was expecting to ever happen. I said what I said, I don’t give a fuck . . . That should be the narrative for anyone in our generation.”

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