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‘Our Futures Are At Risk,’ Kaia Gerber Says While Paying Attention To USA Election

‘Our Futures Are At Risk,’ Kaia Gerber Says While Paying Attention To USA Election

Many celebrities who have declared that they have never voted before are now posting on social media calling for the American people to vote. They made statements emphasizing how important it is more than ever to participate in the upcoming American elections this year. Kaia Gerber is another famous figure that recently joined this trend. Gerber spoke about the upcoming elections via her official Instagram account and shared a video warning that their future is under a serious threat and they should protect it.

19-year-old Kaia Gerber, an American model and actress, is concerned about the current state of her country, like many other famous names. The actress, who shared a video and made a statement about this concern, emphasized the importance of dealing with and taking part in politics if the future is under threat.

Kaia Gerber explained in her Instagram post that being indifferent and thinking their voices don’t make a difference is never the solution, they need to be heard and believe that they can make their voices heard. Later, Gerber said that this election will be her first time to vote and that she has been self-educating herself and working hard to understand what it means to be prepared to vote.

In the last part of her post, Kaia Gerber clearly expressed her support for candidate Joe Biden, who is running against Trump, and said she is hopeful for the future this time because there is someone who listens to young voices.

Here’s what Kaia Gerber stated:

Caring about & being invested in politics is a necessity when our futures are at risk. we can’t go on just being apathetic, or thinking our voices don’t make a difference. this year will be my first time voting in a presidential election – and I have been working really hard to educate myself on what it means to be prepared to vote.

thank you @naomibiden and @nataliebiden for getting on zoom with me to talk about what we care about as voters — and also about how this election will affect the future. Feeling like our young voices are being heard by candidate @joebiden is so important. More on my IGTV if you want to watch ❤️ go register!!”

Check out the post below.

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