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Pablo Dylan Reveals Why He Became A Musician Instead of Basketball Player

Pablo Dylan Reveals Why He Became A Musician Instead of Basketball Player

During the recently an interview with Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan’s Grandson Pablo Dylan has shared his thought about details of his music career. He said:

“I wanted to be a basketball player first. And then I got a pretty bad injury, but obviously I wasn’t athletic enough to have ever made it in the NBA. I’m also not tall enough. But I knew from a young age that I wanted to do music. I was really lucky that I was able to get work producing for hip-hop, R&B artists and pop artists.”

Pablo Dylan also continued and mentioned about how to decided start share his musics. He said:

“I’d been making music for a while on a laptop and a keyboard. I’d also been playing guitar since I was a kid along with piano. I knew all the chords. What really inspired me was Kanye.”

Pablo Dylan also added about how to create his beats:

“By myself. In my room. It was hours and hours every day, just focused on it like a laser-beam, trying to get each part perfect. I was very lucky to meet David Banner, and he taught me a lot of things. He’s still an incredible friend and mentor of mine. The way I really learned was spending days remaking other people’s beats. I remember remaking [Kanye West’s] “All of the Lights.” And it was all I did for two months. I was just trying to get every note, every sound perfect. And by doing that, I was able to deconstruct it and learn how to do it on my own. Once I learned enough about production, I started producing for other people.”

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