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Patrick Schwarzenegger Supports Justin Bieber’s Words On An Essential Uplifting Social Topic

Patrick Schwarzenegger Supports Justin Bieber’s Words On An Essential Uplifting Social Topic

Famous pop singer Justin Bieber likes to share motivational words with his followers from time to time during the week. This time he shared a post on his Instagram account encouraging other people, and support for his words came from Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Justin Bieber has long been striving to share inspiring affirmations that positively affect his life and career with his fans and spread these ideas to a wider audience.

After many significant events and scandals occurred in his life, Justin Bieber is his best self these days and people want to know how he got to this point.

According to Bieber’s statements, he has hope in his relationship with God and that’s not based on fears or his past. It’s like beginning a new chapter in his career, life, relations, and everything. He also has a really strong relationship with his wife Hailey and he protects her from any evil from outside.

On Tuesday, Justin Bieber’s post was about encouraging people and uplifting them. Justin believes that the best thing people can do when they feel discouraged is to encourage other people because he thinks that supporting other people has a very different empowering effect.

Here’s the caption:

“Sometimes the best thing to do when we feel discouraged is to actually encourage others. There’s something powerful about lifting people up even when you don’t feel like it.”

In the comment section, iconic Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s oldest son and also famous actor, Patrick Schwarzenegger, agreed with Justin’s statement while also adding that it is always a better idea to give than receive. It’s because helping those who are struggling or just need help will make one feel amazing.

Here’s Schwarzenegger’s comment:

“ALWAYS BETTER TO GIVE THAN RECEIVE . If your feeling hopeless become helpful. Help others. Will make you feel internally amazing”

Check out the post below.

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