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Paul Walker’s Daughter Meadow Makes Her Dad Proud With Her Special Effort

Paul Walker’s Daughter Meadow Makes Her Dad Proud With Her Special Effort

‘The Paul Walker Foundation,’ which established to honor the memory of Paul Walker, has updated its official Instagram account and shared a thank you letter to benefactors who are donating money for people affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

As we all know, after Paul Walker died in a terrible car accident, his daughter Meadow Walker began to run the organization’s business to keep his legacy.

In the message, Meadow Walker sent her gratitude through The Paul Walker Foundation’s Instagram page and thanked everyone who helped provide food to children in the Los Angeles area.

Meadow Walker does everything he can to continue the organization that his father started and keep alive his father’s legacy with her helpful efforts. Paul Walker would probably be proud of his daughter if he was still alive.

Here’s what The Paul Walker Foundation wrote:

“The Paul Walker Foundation and Meadow Walker want to thank you for your donations. Thank you to everyone who has provided meals for children in the LA area. You did good! 🙌 Together.”

Meadow Walker stopped in the comment section and said:

“So much love.”

An Instagram user named Roque wrote:

“Thanks, guys for all you continue to do! Paul would be extremely proud that you continue his work, charity here on Earth! Stay safe and healthy! God Bless.”

Another fan named erdsr.dg commented and said:

“I’m 16.Because of that, I can’t donate but I will I promise to Meadow Walker and Paul Walker.”

See the Instagram post below.

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