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Pharrell Reveals Why ‘Life Is Not Game Of Thrones’ During UVA Speech

Pharrell Reveals Why ‘Life Is Not Game Of Thrones’ During UVA Speech

Successful producer and rapper Pharrell Williams has shared his thoughts about real life and he makes ‘Game of Thrones’ reference in an address to UVa’s class of 2019. He was the main speaker at Friday’s graduation ceremony, he has emphasized the importance of education

Here’s what he said:

“We have to continuously remind ourselves that life is not Game of Thrones. I mean, I love Game of ThronesGame of Thrones has taught us a lot, but we seem all too comfortable applying the same cycle of empathy, then apathy, then sympathy and at times frustration that we’ve felt watching a show over the years to issues that are very, very real. It is just a show. It is not real.”

Pharrell also mentioned about immigration and the rise of white supremacy.  He emphasized this point with reference to the Game of Thrones. He said:

“But you know what is real? The plight of illegal immigrants. You know how it goes: A headline grabs our attention. We see the news […] We want to help. Then the news cycle shifts. The algorithm goes to work. Apathy sets in. We tune out and move on.

But unlike a TV show, their plight is real. It’s not improving. Those tiki torches are real. They are here —emboldened—but the news moves on. When the stories are real, we cannot afford to just move on. We cannot let the algorithm continue to distract and even worse, divide us. Because it is. Algorithms have no conscious, but you do.”

You can also watch the full speech of Pharrell below.

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