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Pierce Brosnan Receives Fans’ Admiration As He Shows Off His Little-Known Talent With A Throwback Pic

Pierce Brosnan Receives Fans’ Admiration As He Shows Off His Little-Known Talent With A Throwback Pic

Pierce Brosnan, who is widely known as the fifth actor to play secret agent James Bond, took Instagram to share a throwback photo when he took a break from filming his first James Bond movie ‘Golden Eye‘ while revealing a very unknown aspect of himself.

Pierce Brosnan played the character of James Bond in four films between 1995 and 2002 and was among the names who became the definition of the character with his image and acting.

On Wednesday, the 67-year-old veteran actor shared an unknown talent with his followers and showed that he is successful in different branches of art.

In the photo that Pierce Brosnan shared, he is seen standing in front of a canvas with a brush in his hand, and there is a painting made by Pierce Brosnan on the canvas.

Explaining the story of this painting, the master actor stated that he painted a small packet of earplugs which was given to him for use in action scenes between the set of his first film in 1995 as James Bond.

Here’s the caption:

“Circa 1995 Leavesdon Studios, painting “Ear Plugs” while taking a break from filming my first James Bond movie “Golden Eye.” When shooting the action sequences with explosions and gun fire, I would be given a small packet of ear plugs.

On the back was an illustration showing how to insert the yellow plug into your ear. In homage to the great Roy Lichtenstein, I painted a 48×48 inch canvas of the illustration in my dressing room.

This work has now experienced a rebirth as a 28×28 inch limited edition (100) silk screen print which will be available January 2021.”

Pierce Brosnan, who announced that his work, which has now reappeared, will be put on sale as a limited edition in January 2021, received praise from his followers who did not know he had talent for painting.

One of the followers said:

“I was so happy in 1995 when we became James Bond🤗 And above all, seeing all your artworks is a big satisfaction. I like your painting universe. Don’t stop😊😉”

Another follower wrote:

“Talent! Great illustration, great work 🖼”

Another follower wrote:

“Wow! Who knew you could paint! 💖”

Check out the post below.

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