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Pink Draws Attention To America’s Main Problems As The Elections Approach

Pink Draws Attention To America’s Main Problems As The Elections Approach

On social media, celebrities are sharing posts with the hashtag #AllRise and urge their followers to call their senators. One of them was the singer Pink and via her official Instagram account, she urged her followers to claim their rights for the future of all.

As the election in America approached, the already tense environment started to become even more tense and tense. Most of the posts on social media are almost all related to the elections, and the majority of celebrities continue to post anti-Trump posts.

One of the important issues in the country is women’s rights and women’s abortion rights. Democrats do not want voting until inauguration and a rushed Supreme Court confirmation process.

Pink shared a post on social media and urged her followers to rise up together to protect many things, from the health system to all personal freedoms.

Arguing that this issue is about the future of the people living in America and what kind of life they want to live, Pink also encouraged her followers to call their senators to avoid voting until 2021 inauguration.

Here’s what Pink said:

“As the future of our country and its highest court hangs in the balance, this is our moment to rise up with @PPact and @tiffanyalfonseca for all that is at stake; our health care, the freedom to control our bodies, the right to love who we want and so much more.

This is about our future and the ability to live the lives we want, the lives we deserve. I am urging you to #AllRise for justice and protect the people’s seat until the 2021 inauguration. Text SCOTUS to 22422 to call your senator!”

Check out the post below.

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