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PJ Reveals What The People Might Be Able To Expect From Her Exciting Song For “Smoke”

PJ Reveals What The People Might Be Able To Expect From Her Exciting Song For “Smoke”

During a recent interview with Uproxx, singer and songwriter PJ has shared her thoughts about her new song named “Smoke” and she revealed what the people might be able to expect from her song.

She said:

“I’m putting my career first, but just navigating this ocean that is dating in LA, which is hilarious and interesting — “Smoke” is like one of those songs. Now that I’ve been in an actual relationship and I’ve learned a lot of things, it’s like now I have other stuff to talk about other than grinding.”

The 29-year-old singer explained where she got her inspiration for “Smoke”. She stated:

“I was in a relationship with this guy and he really inspired “Smoke.” I don’t even want to give him the satisfaction in knowing that he caused it, well, I’m pretty sure he knows that if he hears it. I started playing music for him that I wrote that was inspired by him, which is so corny and I can’t believe I did that, but I’m kind of happy I did because it’s kind of interesting to see how a guy feels.

Of course, it blows their head up. Am I even paying attention to how like you’re currently making me feel? I actually use the words I play with as game? Can I talk to n*****? That’s a whole other thing that I’m exploring right now currently that you’ll hear about in this next project like “One Missed Call.” [That] was probably the most relationship song I’ve ever put out and I like living in that space.”

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