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PJ Reveals What’s The Hardest Thing To Focus On Music

PJ Reveals What’s The Hardest Thing To Focus On Music

In a recent interview with Uproxx, singer-songwriter PJ has shared her thoughts about music, her own personal life, mental health and more.

Pj revealed what is the hardest thing to focus on music. She said:

“It was one of those coming of age moments where you realize that people, no matter how many fairytales or Disney movies you watch, the real world doesn’t really work that way. Especially being a female in the music business, you never really know who you can trust, and politics play a third role. So, you’re just dealing with that, and anxiety and not knowing who to trust.”

She also explained what the best lesson she had learned during that time. She continued:

“I feel like I’m still learning. It’s just this business is like, you work with the people you work with, and you hope that they are invested, and they have the best interest for you at heart. It’s very important that you are spearheading and taking initiative, and doing the things that you have to do.

Otherwise, you’re going to keep looking and double-checking, and looking back, to see if other people are doing what they need to be doing. As long as you have a level head and two feet on the ground, and you’re still pushing in a direction, and you’re strategizing and planning, you’ll be good.”

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