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PnB Rock Reveals Why He Kicked Out Of The Hotel

PnB Rock Reveals Why He Kicked Out Of The Hotel

During a recent interview on Everyday Struggle with Nadeska Alexis, PnB Rock has revealed his thoughts about kicked out of his hotel room for smoking weed case. He said:

“You wanna know some funny shit bro? The hotel shit, the pissing in the hotel shit, I did that shit before in here in New York. N***as thought that shit was funny, that was when I was low on the totem pole, this was all Philly watching my shit it was the whole world watching my shit. N***a, Philly thought that shit was the funniest shit ever.

That was the n***a that just ain’t give a fuck, like fuck everybody, I’m gonna put it like this; the only reason I pissed in the hotel, n***as think I just pissed in the hotel when I got caught smoking, I got caught smoking so many times and kicked out hotels. … This particular time they was on some playing around with me shit.”

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