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Pop Smoke Was Shot By A 15-Year-Old For His Diamond Watch And Cuban Link

Pop Smoke Was Shot By A 15-Year-Old For His Diamond Watch And Cuban Link

More than a year has passed since Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke was shot at his Hollywood Hills mansion on loan. The rapper was shot and killed in what turned out to be a failed home invasion. The gruesome details of the case came out today.

Some details about the case were published in the media. The diamond-studded Rolex was stolen before Pop Smoke was kicked on the ground after being shot and also shot and killed by a 15-year-old.

According to the New York Daily News, after the rapper broke into his home in Los Angeles, a 15-year-old suspect allegedly shot Pop Smoke and stole the diamond Rolex and Cuban link of their goal along with other attackers.

A police officer recorded these details in a conversation between the defendant and a cellmate at a juvenile detention center in May last year. According to the record, four defendants, all accused of grimness, sold the Rolex watch for $ 2k.

It was reported by the Los Angeles Police Department that Corey Walker, 20, confessed to shooting the victim with his gun on Friday, May 7 at court.

It was reported that Pop Smoke was naked in the shower in the early hours of February 19, 2020. Initially, he gave his watch to the robbers, then a fight ensued, which led to Pop’s death.

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