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Power Star Michael Rainey Jr Supports A Charity Coin That Helps Animals: “The Bingus Project”

Power Star Michael Rainey Jr Supports A Charity Coin That Helps Animals: “The Bingus Project”

With the current hype building around NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) and many famous people/internet personalities coming up with their blockchain powered projects, Michael Rainey Jr. has also officially supported charity-related token, ‘Bingus,’ that donated more than $ 50k to animal-related charities.

Michael Rainey Jr is one of the leading actors in ‘Power’ and ‘Power Book II: Ghost.’ The 20-year-old actor has worked with New York rapper 50 Cent in the series and they became close friends although there is a huge age difference between the two. Besides his acting career, the young actor is also known to be an animal person. Raiey Jr. announced on his social media account that he has been supporting a charity coin that helps animals.

On his Instagram story, Michael Rainey JR encouraged his fans to get involved in the project. Jokingly, he referred to his fans who were interested in the cryptocurrency world as ‘cryptoheads’ and even wanted his non-crypto currency followers to take a look at the project.

In addition to Michael Rainey JR, many other famous people also joined the movement of supporting Bingus. ‘Penguinz0,’ a Youtuber with over 8 million subscribers, Rocky Kanaka, an animal YouTuber and advocate with over 2.3 million subscribers, the rapper bbno$, Crispy Concords, also a Youtuber with over 2 million subscribers.

Bingus is a deflationary token with the purpose of raising money for animal rescues and shelters. Within three weeks from launch, it has donated more than $ 50k to animal rescues across the world. It aims to be the leading cryptocurrency in promoting animal welfare while also appealing to investors in the market as a robust investment opportunity.

See the Instagram photo below.

Photo Credit: Michael Rainey Jr – Instagram

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