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Prince Michael Jr. Describes How It Feels To Be The Son Of “King Of Pop”

Prince Michael Jr. Describes How It Feels To Be The Son Of “King Of Pop”

During a recent “Family Office Association” meeting in Los Angeles, the pop legend Michael Jackson’s eldest son Prince Michael Jr. has shared his thoughts about his father’s wisdom.

Prince described how it feels to be the son of the “King of Pop”. He said he was honored to bear his father’s name. He said:

“I’m asked that a lot, especially around a lot of my dad’s fans as to what it was like to be raised by, a lot of people know him as the ‘King of Pop.

Obviously, I was named after that moniker as Prince. Very honored to share his name Michael, as well. It’s very interesting, because a lot of people expect his fatherhood or his words of wisdom to be very different from their own parents because he was such an icon, such an image that many of us know and love. But, to me, he was my father, first and foremost, and I believe he imparted on me knowledge a lot of you may have already heard and sometimes.”

Prince Michael said that although Michael Jackson has considered the greatest entertainer of all time bu he added that he always had a modest heart. He continued:

“This may sound cliché…when we were talking about this and I did a lot of reflection. I tried to think of words that consistently came up. My father was a humanitarian first and foremost, above being the greatest entertainer of all time.

I tried to think about the words that really resonated within my own life and what I kind of live my life by, and the first one that came up was ‘compassion.’ My father came from very humble beginnings in Gary, Indiana. Very large family in a very small house. So, he understood what it was like to struggle, as well as what it was like to be prosperous.

He wanted us to always remember to never forget to have compassion for the less fortunate. We can never truly understand where they’re coming from, and we should strive to.”

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