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Producer Dame Dash Reveals Why Hip-Hop Is Woman’s World

Producer Dame Dash Reveals Why Hip-Hop Is Woman’s World

American entrepreneur, record executive, film producer, director and actor Dame Dash spoke to Genius on Youtube.

He has watched some female rappers music video and he released his reaction. He said:

“It’s like, to me, hip hop’s not a man’s world. We think it is, but everything we do is for women.”

Dash reacted after the Megan Thee Stallion‘s music video. He said:

“I love it, I love it when someone owns who they are. Some girls be freaks and act like they not…that’s what I’m sayin’. Girls are now like, I’m gon’ be the dude now. I don’t think girls should give a f*ck what a man thinks. Men are dumb.”

Dame Dash also shared his thought about Bhad Bhabie, Rico Nasty and Domo Wilson. He said:

 “She’s [Bhad Bhabie] too young for me to be looking at like that. Next. The thing is, if she’s that young talking about adult things…she better not be talking about no sex or using no drugs or none of that, or else that’s pedophile ear. I don’t know what the girl is talking about [because] I didn’t want to hear it, but if she’s talking about f*cking or if she’s talking about anything underage girl’s not supposed to be doing, then that’s just promoting to me the Me Too moment that we don’t want.

She’s [Rico Nasty] swaggy. I like her a lot. This s*it is hard right here. I wanna hear this s*it. She’s the winner. I like that she has a crew. A swaggy girl with a bunch of swaggy girlfriends. I like to see that. I like the type of girls that laugh at n*ggas, too, for not coolin’ off.

What do I like is like she’s being sexy without showing anything and it’s look like strategic. She looks like Janet Jackson.”

Check out full interview below.

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