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Producer Douglas Wick Talks On Possibilities Of ‘Gladiator 2’ And Fans Get Hyped

Producer Douglas Wick Talks On Possibilities Of ‘Gladiator 2’ And Fans Get Hyped

During a recent interview with ‘Uproxx,’ Gladiator producer Douglas Wick discussed the odds of the possible sequel movie and said that the odds are more than 50 percent.

Gladiator movie is a historical drama movie which was released in 2000. Names such as Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, and Connie Nielsen starred in the movie.

Firstly, Wick talked about a sequel of Gladiator movie which has been talked about for 20 years, and he confirmed that he made a mini conversation about the Oscar Award-winning film with the director of the movie, Ridley Scott, two hours before the interview. He said:

“It’s funny. I had, literally, two hours ago, a conversation with Ridley about the sequel, which we’re working on. And where we all feel Gladiator is a really unique movie. I mean, the main character of the movie is dead.

So, when you start a new movie, it’s not like you say, ‘Oh, I’ve got a return role for these movie stars.’ And also, everyone has such respect for the movie, that there’s just real clarity that unless we get it on paper, we’re not going to do it. No one wants some cynical shadow to make some bucks.”

When the interviewer asked about the possibility of the sequel to happen, Wick gave an exciting answer to the fans. He stated:

“I’d certainly say more than 50 percent.”

He also said:

“It’s also an honest answer.”

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